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Completely Carefree with Software Compliance

Completely carefree with software compliance


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Struktur- und Genehmigungsdirektion Süd (SGD Süd), Rheinland-Pfalz (Structure and Approval Management, South, Rhineland-Palatinate)


Public service institution, Rhineland-Palatinate

Efficient collaboration between customer and partner: Project management2 for valid data and a more cost-effective future

Valid data is absolutely necessary in a public service institution . The authority was unhappy with the previous management of software products and licenses. With software compliance, the SGD Süd would obtain a clear listing of purchased and actually-used software –   and thanks to the more transparent structure, it would also save future costs incurred by unused or over-licensed products.

The Task

As a public authority, the SGD Süd places great emphasis on valid data in software compliance. A high level of availability must also be ensured.

The Challenge

The ISD GmbH implemented Matrix42’s Software Asset Management Solution (SAM) based on the software distribution solution used.

The Solution

ISD GmbH implemented the  Matrix42 Software-Asset-Management solution (SAM) based on the software distribution solution.

On the customer side, the already-implemented software distribution solution was used as inventory material and supplemented with the new installation of the Software Asset Management Solution. In addition to having only valid data, the SGD Süd can now look to a future with no under or over-licensing. The implementation and use of the Matrix42 modules was so successful for the SGD Süd that the authority has already started planning a Help Desk and Self Services with its partner ISD.

The Implementation

From the analysis to the implementation of the solution concepts

  • Analysis of the software solution used to date
  • Planning and development of a solution concept using the existing distribution structure
  • Definition of the necessary supplementary solutions
  • Implementation of the overall solution and long-term analysis for the Help Desk and Self Services

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