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Finally everything at a glance - automated license management with Matrix42

Finally everything at a glance - automated license management with Matrix42


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Automated license and asset management


Authority, Rheinland-Pfalz


Institution under public-law, Rheinland-Pfalz

The laborious recording of license inventories has come to an end - an automated solution brings transparency at the touch of a button.

License administration and asset management were done by hand for a long time at a large Rhineland-Palatinate authority. With hundreds of clients, this was not only laborious but also lacked a clear overview of the actual assets and software licenses. With Matrix42 Physical, ISD brought light into the dark - and fundamentally simplified the work processes in the facility.


Too many paid licenses, wrong or simply used licenses - these were costs and risks that the authorities no longer wanted to bear. The amount of work involved in data maintenance was also far too high.


The manual recording of license and asset inventories often took several days, but it still remained unclear about the exact inventories or about possible over- or underlicensing.


ISD extended the existing Matrix42 Empirum Automation to Matrix42 Physical. Since then, license management has been largely automated. Now, the authority is creating license balance sheets by a push of a button.

"For the IT authorities, a licence balance always meant several days of work," describes Marco Mestrum, head of the Mainz office at ISD GmbH. "The intervals between the balance sheets were correspondingly large - and thus the actual number of licenses at the time of a new installation, for example, was unclear. The IT staff installed computers partly manually, partly via automatic software distribution. Since they had no possibility to view the status of the software licenses exactly to the day or to validate them automatically, in the end there were often more licenses than necessary for software that was not actually in use.


Framework agreement between the Land and ISD
Too many paid licenses, wrong or simply used licenses: This concealed costs and risks that the authorities no longer wanted to and could bear. The institution therefore commissioned ISD GmbH in Mainz with the solution of the problem. Authorities in Rhineland-Palatinate have been cooperating with ISD since 2003 when it comes to the Matrix42 issue. Since 2008, a framework agreement for the use and maintenance of the IT system management solution Matrix42 Empirum exists between the state and the ITS. As positive experiences had been made with the introduction of Empirum, the state extended the framework agreement to other Matrix42 products at the beginning of 2012 - including Matrix42 Physical.

Matrix42 Physical
Since then, license management and asset management have been highly efficient and transparent for the authorities, as they are automated via Matrix42 Physical. IT has a precise overview of all hardware and software, receives detailed, up-to-date inventory data at all times and can easily track the use of licenses and assets. "With the Matrix42 license management solution, our customer gets at the push of a button what used to cost him days," emphasizes Marco Mestrum. License data can be easily imported, controlled and synchronized. The License Intelligence Service (LIS), for example, can be installed: It lists the largest software manufacturers with their metrics and license types and can thus recognize and validate the existing licenses fully automatically. All employees have to do is enter the purchases, and the system uses the inventory to automatically recognize which installation the data belongs to. All asset details are neatly stored and immediately at hand, from invoice details to the SAP order number to the maintenance contract.

Legal certainty up, costs down.
Thanks to Matrix42 Physical, the authority avoids infringements of licensing rights - and saves itself unnecessary costs. Pooling, for example, now allows licenses to be exchanged internally so that they can be reused elsewhere if an employee cancels them. The data that IT is able to extract from usage tracking, among other things, can also be used to estimate much better than before how the demand for assets and licenses will develop in the future. This enables much more efficient planning. And what is crucial: "Since the authorities have been using the Matrix42 license management solution, over-licensing has finally become a thing of the past," says Marco Mestrum. "It now pays only as many licenses as it actually uses."

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