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Outsourcing of the entire IT to the ISD GmbH

Outsourcing of the entire IT to ISD GmbH


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Praxenverbund Prevention First


‘Quality at all levels’ is the credo of the Praxenverbund Prevention First. High quality and secure and complete maintenance at all IT levels is now the watchword for the joint solution of three sites.

The project of Prevention First was implemented with the right know-how and the secure ISD data center. A well-thought-out medical practice network is the result of the good cooperation. Patient data is now made available quickly and securely, making the doctors’ work much easier – and IT staff are no longer necessary.

The Task

Prevention First was looking for a secure and joint solution for the complete IT for three of its five medical practices. In-house IT staff were to be completely replaced.

The Challenge

Highly-sensitive patient information is collected during patient examinations and data from the medical practice systems must be processed.

The Solution

ISD GmbH built a medical practice network for the three locations, including First and Second Level Support. The main operation of the medical practice network now takes place in the ISD data center in Ludwigshafen and the connection is carried out via VPN.

For Prevention First, outsourcing the entire IT meant a step forward in data availability. The data is now securely stored in a German data center, which offers the huge advantage of being able to access highly-sensitive patient data from different locations. The hardware is also connected via VPN – workstations and medical practice systems are now networked and offer the same high level of availability at each location. Thanks to the implemented solution, the doctors can now dedicate their time to what they do best: Helping patients without any distracting IT problems, because that’s something that ISD has now taken care of – 100%.

The Implementation

From the analysis to the implementation of the solution concepts

  • Analysis and evaluation of the current IT management and requirements for the highly-sensitive data
  • Development of a concept for the establishment of a medical practice network solution
  • GoLive of the own medical practice network and consistency checking
  • Setting up of a 1st and 2nd level support service

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